Midland's Senior Team Manager

Claire Barraclough - Clairebnewportharriers@gmail.com


Under 11 Team Manager 

Jean Rogers assisted by Wendy Brady and Jane Goode - jeanlyn01@gmail.com

Under 13 Team Manager

Welsh Junior League (U15) (2017), Youth Development League (U15)

Kirsty Crane - Kirsty_crane@hotmail.com

Youth Development League (U17/U20) 

To be announced

COACHES - Newport Harriers volunteer coaches work tirelessly throughout the year to guide and develop the athletes they work with.  Many are at the track 2 or 3 times a week and some put in additional sessions on the weekends.  All can be seen encouraging their athletes at competitions.  We have calculated that if we paid all coaches the national minimum wage the bill would exceed £70,000 per annum.

Sprints - Kevin Williams, Clifford Webbe, Mark Roche, Eric Oram, Kevin EleySarah Priest, Lisa Waddon,  James Morgan,  Juliet Sidney.

Sprints and Hurdles and Combined Events - Ivor Adams, Hilary Goodger, Darryn McAtee.

Middle Distance/Endurance - Darryn McAtee, Mike Adams, Peter Hitchings, Jonathan Samuel, Rhian Louden, Zoe Jenkins, Shireen Balouch, Stuart Pearce.

Jumps - Hilary Goodger and Alison Werner

Throws - Ken Goodger (javelin, shot, discus, hammer), Robert Eales (shot), Steve Leach (shot, discus, hammer), Dino Lantzos ( shot, discus, hammer),  Chris Boswell (hammer), Jason Leach (shot, discus, hammer), Mark Boswell (hammer).

Disability - Ian Morgan

Walks - Colin Bradley

Foundation Phase 

Under 11s - Jean Rogers, Jane Goode, Alison Werner, Ken Goodger, Neil Evans, Marie Stratford-Davies, Jason Leach.

Under 9s - Ken Goodger.

The following have recently done the Assistant coach award and will be working with qualified coaches primarily in the foundation phase which will be developed to incorporate under 13 children:

Marie Stratford-Davies, Milton Dennis, Chris Parry, Kevin Seville.

In addition the club has recently encouraged a number of athletes to gain qualification through Newport Live's coaches of the future award. Funding for this is open to any junior member aged between 16 and 24:

Luke Gawthorn,  Madeline Baker, Armani Williams, Tyler Williams, Emrys Penny.

The following are not active on a week by week basis, but occasionally help with some training groups:

Tom Evans, Kirsty Crane.

In addition several athletes/parents/volunteers help with delivery of some training sessions

The man in the club shop:

Malcolm Riley operates the club tuck shop with the support of his wife and family on competition days.  In recent months Sarah Eaton has taken over the shop when Malcolm is away.  We are grateful to Malcolm for this service and to Sarah for her help.

Our Graded Officials working at competitions to enable you to compete are:

Jenny Cook, Ken Goodger, Hilary Goodger, Helen Parry, Alison Werner, Steve Leech, Chris Boswell, Ian Morgan, Helen Parry, Colin Bradley, Bev Eley, Alison Werner.

We have several officials who are still awaiting their grading  or are willing to help at meetings

Mike Roberts, Chris Van Toop,  Kevin Eley.  

We need more officials if anyone wishes to become an official please speak to the officers of the club.

Newport offers coaching in the various disciplines of athletics.

Upon joining, young members are assigned a coach. At this stage we aim to give them a broad experience of different events, how to train properly and safely, warm-up & cool-down procedures and track etiquette. At the appropriate time these members will progress to a specialist training group under one of the club’s qualified coaches.

New members, especially younger ones, often join the club with an interest in a particular discipline (say, sprinting) but find that, in fact, they are talented in a quite different discipline. Budding sprinters often find that they are good at hurdling or long jumping, or vice versa. This is the benefit of joining a wider group at the outset and before settling on a particular speciality.

All the club’s coaches give up many hours of their personal time to help their group members. There is a limit to how many athletes an individual coach can manage effectively and, from time to time, a group becomes too large to accept any others. We are always looking for people to train as coaches and if you are prepared to coach for the club, the club will be able to support you with the costs of coaching through Welsh Athletics Coaching Courses.

If you want to ask about how you can train as a coach please get in touch.

Click here for coaching qualification and workshops.