UKA Rule Changes

There are a number of rule changes that come into force on 1st April 2018.

Some of the rule changes are technical and some reinforce the powers of officials where they were not previously clear. Some however will make a difference that athletes and coaches need to be aware of. These are as follows:

Table 1 – Highlights of changes flowed through from IAAF Rule Book Changes

  • 125.5 Referees are given additional powers to warn or to remove any person, not in competition that is present in the competition area and who is acting in an unsporting or improper manner or provides assistance to athletes

  • 170.3 and 170.19 The acceleration zone has been eliminated for the 4 x 100m and 4 x 200m relays. These zones have been merged into one takeover zone 30m in length. Until the old markings are updated the takeover zone will begin at the existing line marking the start of the acceleration zone. The scratch line remains in the same place but is now 20m after the start of the zone.

  • 180.5 The result of the trial of an athlete in the High Jump or Pole Vault taking his trial out of turn (not having been called up by the officials) will stand, notwithstanding that he may be warned by the officials.

  • 180.8 (a) A Field Judge may reconsider a decision if he believes he raised the incorrect flag.

  • 180.17 Changes to time limits for most Field Events, including reduction from I minute to 30 seconds for all but Pole Vault

  • 180.19 Clarification that Field athletes must ask permission from officials before leaving competition area (UKA Note gives leeway re being accompanied by an official)

  • 187.14 (b) Relaxation of what is a foul due to foot fault made behind centre line in first rotation in throw from circle 187.15 Relaxation of conditions by which an athlete deciding to interrupt his trial may leave the circle or runway (words referring to Rule 187.17 removed)

Table 2 – Changes to UKA Supplements

  • 21 S1(vi) & S3(6) ‘Road Walking’ has been added to the list of list of disciplines to which unattached athletes are excluded from the need to be registered with their National Association when competing as individuals. Any athlete competing in Track Walks must be registered with their National Association.

  • 21 S3(4) The requirement to pay a fee for Higher Competition Athlete registration with the same club will only apply for the first two years of registration – in line with the fee payable for Foreign Athlete registration.

  • 21 S5(5) Foreign Athlete Registration – The interpretation of permanent and temporary residence in the UK has been clarified in greater detail. Consequently clubs and athletes may be asked to provide additional confirmation of claimed residential status.

  • 21 S3(8) The Rule which determined that athletes would become eligible to compete in Team Events for their new club from the first of the month following clearance by the Eligibility Committee has been amended to allow athletes changing clubs to be eligible to compete for their new club with immediate effect following clearance by the Eligibility Committee. Note that this can only apply if a resignation has been accepted by the previous first claim club and if no disputes are identified and where an online transfer process is used and all parties agree that no detailed scrutiny is necessary. In all other cases the current rule applies and clearance will be on the 1st of the following month.

  • 141 S2(7) Graded Events - "Mixed Graded Competition” conditions are now defined in 147 S1 Mixed Competition.

  • 147 S1 Mixed Road Walking competitions are allowed between male and female participants of the same age group in National and UKA championships where the number of participants make it impracticable to stage two separate races.

  • 147 S1 Amended to allow mixed events between male and female athletes in field events and mixed graded races shall be permitted for Under 17, Junior, and Senior age groups subject to any limitations regarding distances that may be permitted.

  • 166 S1 This section has been deleted with the exception of the paragraph that defines the time allowed between rounds of track events.

  • 170 S2 A supplement has been added for 4 x 300m relay events in the UK.

  • 180 S4 This UKA Supplement has been deleted and IAAF conditions will apply to the time allowed between trials in field events.

  • 188 S1 The weight of the U13 Boys Shot has been reduced to 3.00 kgs from 3.25 kgs.

  • 230 S1 The Chief Judge may now disqualify any athlete in the last 100m as described in 230(4)(a) and this will be applied to all UK, National and Regional championships”.

  • 240 S6 Entries from any runners with a medical assistance dog may be accepted, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such and the approval of the Race Director

  • 250 New Rule Headphones of all descriptions are not permitted in Cross Country races

  • Appendix 4 Additional Gender Categories (Road Races): A statement has been added to the effect that Competition Providers promoting road races may offer a third non binary gender option within their events. Such an approach will be piloted from 2018. For ranking purposes, only Male and Female gender categories will be recognised. UKA Rules

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