St Neots Half Marathon

17th November

Cariad Roberts crashes through the 2-hour barrier.

Just like Eliud Kipchoge, Cariad ran sub-2.00 for a race that had the word marathon in it, though unlike Eliud she didn’t need a V-formation to pull her along.

“Really enjoyed that race. I was pleased with my pace but worried at 5k and 10k if I'd be able to finish in under 2 hours (which is what I wanted). The course was undulating, the 2 hour pacer who I was following kept talking about uphills and downhills but I'm used to more extreme uphills and downhills than that so the uphills weren't an issue but the downhills weren't really noticeable either. They had a clock at the finish but also just at the last corner before the finish, I sped up for the last couple of k, when I saw the first click just hit 1:59:00 as I passed I gunned it to the finish, thinking I need to get over the line before it ticks over to 2:00:00!”

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