Newport Harriers Athlete of the Month - April announcement and May information

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Our athletes of the month for April are;

Leo Stark and Ceri Griffiths

Our club person of the month for April is;

Katerina French

Dear club members,

Newport Harriers' Committee have decided to recognise the performances of our athletes with two awards made on a monthly basis;

  • Athlete of the month

  • Club person of the month

These awards are voted on by a panel and the winning athletes will be recognised through our club communications and by the presentation of a small award.

Athlete of the Month

Nominated by coaches and team managers, the athlete of the month recognises the achievements of an athlete based on their own significant performances; this might include (but is not limited to), a significant, high-level performance; club record; substantial PB; Championship performance, etc.

Club Person of the Month

Nominated by coaches and team managers, the club person of the month recognises the contribution of an athlete to the club/ team. This could be based on a one-off contribution or in recognition of an athlete’s consistent support to the club.

All nominations can be seen with a summary of the athletes' performances on the photos below.

Congratulations to all these athletes for their performances in April.

Each month the award panel requests that nominations are received by the 5th and awards will be announced by 15th for the previous month. Therefore, all nominations for May are to be received by Wednesday 5th June and the winner will be announced by Wednesday 15th June. Please base nominations on the performances of the athlete during the month they are nominated for.

Please send nominations for May’s athlete of the month to:


Athlete of the month Ceri Griffiths and Leo Stark Club member Katerina French

Recently presented with their awards track side by Dave Goodger

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