Midlands Team Meal Bash

We had a great turnout for the Midlands Team meal on Sunday 15th September. It just goes to show what an awesome team we have. Food and company was top class. Thanks to all who made the effort to come.

Claire our amazing Team Manager said a thank you to all the athletes, officials, coaches, parents and supporters who have come out this season. Although we are individuals we are one team!

Claire loves being part of the team and really appreciates all the effort and support each and every one of the team gives.

Next season is ours (well if we don't have as many clashes!

Tom said a few words to Claire to thank her for all her hard work. Claire does so much behind the scenes, attending meetings and pulling competitors, officials all together, Not to mention chasing results and the end of season meal. Tom and Juliet bought a couple of gifts on behalf of the team to show our appreciation.

Claire confirmed she will put herself forward as Team Manager for the Midlands next year and Tom and Juliet also confirmed they would remain as her Captains.

Here's to 2020! See you in Middle Earth!

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