Midlands League Update...

5th December

Claire Barraclough will be continuing as Manager, with Tom Evans and Juliet Sidney as Captains again 😁

From 2020 we will be in a REGIONALISED "West" Division which includes Dudley, Forest of Dean, Halesowen, Hereford, Kidderminster, Tipton and us.

Only the winner of each of the 3 new divisions will be promoted to Div 3 with the bottom 3 being relegated from Div 3 and the 3 new divisions will be shuffled to accommodate the change of clubs.

PROV FIXTURES ARE....... Sun 17th May Hereford Sun 7th June Dudley Sun 12th July Kidderminster Sun 9th Aug Tipton

As you'll see they are geographically a lot closer than our previous fixtures. Please add these to your diaries!

More new items.......

Women will now compete in a 2k and 3k scoring steeplechase, same as the men

Women will now compete in 3k and 5k race, same as the men (please note U17 can't compete in 5k)

There will be a mixed 4 x 400m relay in fixture 2 instead of two 4 x 400m same-sex relays

OFFICIALS - We will now be deducted 10 points instead of 5 for each official/helper position we don't fill. A total of 60 points could be lost here

That's a quick summary for now but if you have any questions please ask.

If you are an U17 athlete (or parent of) or above please join our Facebook page to keep up to date with what's happening.


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