Midlands League - Burton Match 2

Saturday 2nd June - Burton

A humid and close day met our athletes in Burton. The theme 'close' would sum up our fortunes, with a provisional 6th team finish, inches away from 5th and 4th place. The many loyal athletes of Joel Fowler, Kyle Arnold, Lee Richards, Malcolm Medhurst, Jason Leach, Tom Evans, Megan Selway, Alison Singleton, Caitlin Jones, Lisa Scarfi, Keith Powell, along with Ashton Burnett and Raheem Atkinson who made their second appearance in the league didn’t disappoint with determined performances.

A fantastic and tremendous team ethos to fight for the colours and put the harriers name above themselves was oozing from each individual who graced the track. Both Tyrone Fowler and Chloe Powell competed in the max 7 events to gain crucial points, along with Hannah O’Connor and Juliet Sidney trying the hammer for the first time for the team!

A flurry of young junior athletes, Luke Gawthorn, Spencer Smith & Ama Boateng, blooding themselves for the first time in the Midlands, and combination of experience was a cocktail to suggest WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! Several athletes even bringing their revision along, highlighting the benefit of track and field competitions upon education!!

Through injury and unforeseen circumstances the team did suffer losses. However, there were great performances from Kirsty Crane, Martin Davies, Gareth Knight, Rob Eales, Mark Boswell and Abed Teweldebrhan who all competed in the league for the first time this year!

If WE do not come out and support these proud and determined efforts, we WILL go down! We have the depth to cover these positions, can YOU be the difference?

YOU ALL WANT higher competition? Come out and bleed black and amber at our next Midlands meet at HOME! This is our great escape, can we pull it off? That is up to YOU.

Athletes of the match - Chloe Powell and Luke Gawthorn.

#NewportHarriers #MidlandsLeague #Teamwork #BePartOfTheTeam #YourClubNeedYou

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