Midland League Fixture 4

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Sunday 5th August - Solihull

What can I say that can evaluate how we did? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TEAM EFFORT! Not just today but all season. Not just from the athletes but from the officials and the supporters who made the journeys!

Fixture 4 was by far our best scoring match in a very long time, just shy of 400 points, finishing 2nd on the day and 4th in the league. MAKING US SAFE! We all know what we can do and we know what is possible if we all pull together. 2019 could be interesting……

There are so many people to include but I have a few moments of the day that I’d like to mention first. These athletes stepped forward to compete in events that they don’t necessarily train for, Dan Cork - high jump, Kirsty Crane - 800m, Tomos Davey - long jump, Amy Jenkins - triple jump, John Morgan 3k steeple chase, Spencer Smith 3k and they did it just to gain valuable extra points for the team.

We welcomed Jake Seville, Stevie Davies, Maisie Ovey and Shireen Balouch to the team and Craig Hudson, Finlay Bertram and Caris Morgan made a return for the final fixture. Along with all these the team wouldn’t be complete without athletes who turn out to most fixtures, Ashton Burnett, Joel Fowler, Tyrone Fowler, Kyle Arnold, Martin Davies, Ian Williams, Jason Leach, Zoe Nash, Ama Boateng, Megan Selway, Victoria Belcher, Chloe Powell, Caitlin Jones and Lisa Scarfi, all of who have been a great support for the new athletes coming into the team throughout the season.

The last fixture was all about team spirit and encouraging each other. I have never known the supporters so loud and this was helped by the number of guest athletes we had going - Josh Ford, Raheem Atkinson, Jim Morgan, Suwethan Preethiviraj, Stu Pearce, Isaac Price, Randy Bonsu and Juliet Sidney did a fab job at making noise. I think the host club was a little shocked with the numbers!!

A testament to how the team has pulled together this year is that Jasmine Barraclough (helped officiate), Josh Davies, Alison Singleton, Keith Powell (helped officiate) and Tom Evans all came to support even though they are currently injured along with coaches Mike Adams, Peter Hitchings and Sarah Priest.

A final thank you goes to the officials who have supported us this season – Ian Morgan, Ivor Adams, Colin Bradley, Hilary and Ken Goodger and Mark and Chris Boswell. Plus this time help from Wendy Bowart and those listed above. And this year has been made easier with the support of both my captains Juliet Sidney and Tom Evans – a huge thank you to them!!

Athletes of the match – it was a very tough choice with so many fantastic performances with PB’s and SB’s galore

Lisa Scarfi (PB long jump, PB 400mh along with Shot and 4 x 400m relay)

Kyle Arnold (PB javelin, SB triple jump, SB long jump and 4 x 100m relay)

We are now looking forward to our end of season meal in a few weeks to celebrate!!

Power of 10 results

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