Membership Payments

There are two factors that will affect training in 2020. The first is the unexpected and unplanned for coronavirus. The second is track relaying and repair plus other stadium works. We would prefer people to maintain their monthly payments and once we know how these two interruptions to our activities have impacted on opportunities to train and compete we will arrange appropriate refunds. Please note that monthly fees were planned to increase by £1:00 in each of 2020/2021/2022 to meet additional costs of hire and registration (Family membership fees were to rise by £2:00 per month). This will also be reviewed by the committee when we are able to do a full assessment.

If you are a student or other member paying an annual fee and door entry fees when you are home your annual fee will still need to be paid to enable the club to register you with Welsh Athletics. We are currently unsure if the impact of the covid 19 virus will result in a reduction of registration fees by Welsh Athletics.

Whatever we do will result in increased administration for the officers of the club, but we believe that this proposal is the best way forward. The club will incur costs even if we are not running and we have to pay for stadium hire for part of the closure period despite not being able to use the facility.

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