Hammer Cage Update

We are delighted to be able to announce that both the Nordic Sports Elite Hammer Cage (Inside the stadium) and the Nordic Sports Steel Framed Hammer Cage (outside throws area) are available for use.

Long drawn out discussions with Newport Live and the officers of the club about the safety of the Elite Cage were resolved thanks to a video call arranged by Colin Davies last Friday. Newport Live finally agreed to do the final adjustments to the cage that protect the back straight for the full length of the straight and complies with UKA cage safety guidelines (prior to these adjustments only 30 to 40 metres of the straight were protected and a misdirected hammer or discus could potentially escape under the net).

It is somewhat disappointing that Newport Live themselves did not contact the manufacturer when the officers pointed out the issues with the cage and we are grateful to Colin for helping to resolve the issues.

The outside cage can be used for training up to about 50 metre throws. If a thrower is capable of throwing further than 50 metres then the thrower will have to move to the inside cage.

The Elite Cage is now available for meetings. The protracted discussions meant that hammer could not have been included for the Midland League Meeting this weekend and a decision to move the Youth Development League Lower Age Group Meeting to Hereford.

In addition the club has purchased a set of pole vault uprights what extend to 4.9 metres and we are considering investment on a shot put throwing circle at the outside cage facility to enable shot, discus and hammer to be coached from the same location.

In addition the track was resurfaced during lockdown.

We are grateful to our chair Peter Hitchings for submitting the application to Sport Wales Lotteries Fund that kick started the project and to Welsh Athletics for getting behind it and making a considerable financial investment to enable the facility to be created and the track to be refurbished during lockdown.

The cages were installed by South Wales Sport Grounds and we had a donation of a number of paving slabs from Montell Construction (courtesy of Chris Parry) to enable access whilst the disturbed soil was still boggy and settling.

Newport now boasts the finest training facility in Wales. The officers and committee are aware that there is a need to keep on top of ensuring the facilities remain first class. There are issues with the stadium building roof and this will be pursued with Newport Live over the coming months.

Once more our thanks go to the following for enabling the development of the facilities for the benefit of our athletes:

Newport Harriers Officers

Newport Live

Welsh Athletics

The Sports Council

Nordic Sports

South Wales Sports Grounds

Montell Construction

and parents Chris Parry and Colin Davies.

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