It was predictable that Cardiff Archers and Cardiff would dominate the Welsh Junior League and the Cup Final this season. The 2 clubs have the best structure and the highest numbers competing in the league and in the case of the Archers they are growing year on year. Archers obviously have the advantage of being able to make use of the indoor facilities at Cardiff Met University and the support of the University is a boon for them.

Newport Harriers scraped into the cup only because the North Wales team that qualified did not make the journey to Newport. Its a shame for the competition when this happens, but was a boost for the club. Fourth in the East division this year and ranked 8th of the clubs that were at the match Harriers ran out 5th overall behind the Archers, Cardiff, Swansea and Rhymney Valley. Three of these teams have beaten us all season.

We can hold our heads up because we finished ahead of all the West Wales Teams apart from Swansea. There were some brilliant performances by our children and there was nothing but praise from the officials for their attitude across all age groups throughout the day.

In the Plate on Saturday Menai demonstrated why it is important for the North Wales Clubs to be involved as they ran out clear winners. Brecon who compete in the West division were second and the next 3 places were occupied by Teams from the East Division, Blaenau Gwent 3rd, Hereford 4th, and Cwmbran 5th. West Wales again occupied the bottom 3 positions in the competition.

The full results can be seen on the Welsh Athletics website and the power of 10

The Midland League results where a number of our athletes competed on Saturday can also be found on the power of 10.

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