2019 Newport Harriers 5k Club Championships

9.00 a.m. Saturday 21st September

Incorporated within Tredegar House ParkRun

All ages.

Make sure you are registered with ParkRun, then turn up with your barcode.


1. Do NOT wear your club vest.

2. OBSERVE PARKRUN ETIQUETTE - courtesy to slower runners, especially those you are lapping; do not overtake on the narrow footbridge; do not ask or shout for slower runners to move out of your way.

3. Marshals will guide you around the course, but it is your responsibility to know the ParkRun route.

4. Under ParkRun rules, U11s are required to run with a parent/responsible adult, otherwise they are liable to have their result removed.

5. Make sure your barcodes are swiped at the end, otherwise you will not be included in the club championships results.

Club Championships results will be extracted from the ParkRun online results. Fastest Newport male and female in this ParkRun time trial will have their names engraved on our splendid shield trophies.

Previous winners – Men

2011 Chris Carpanini

2012 Chris Carpanini

2013 Tyrone Fowler

2014 Tom Jenkins

2015 Abed Teweldebrhan

2016 Remi Adebiyi

2017 Remi Adebiyi

2018 Remi Adebiyi

Previous winners – Female

2011 Ann Saxena

2012 Cassidy Skinner

2013 Cassidy Skinner

2014 Anwen Roberts

2015 Bethan Wainwright

2016 Ellie Robinson

2017 Ellie Robinson

2018 Ellie Robinson

Good Luck all :)

#NewportHarriers #Club5KChamps

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