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Track Zone One - Home  straight 110 metre start line to 10 metres before bend one

Track Zone Two - 400 metre start line to 90 90 metres around the bend

Track Zone Three - Rear straight  110 metre start line to 10 metres before the bend

Track zone four - 200 metre start line to 90 metres around the bend

High Jump Zone - Between the finish line and the hammer cage

Long Jump Zone 1 Nearest to the finish line

Long Jump Zone 2 Nearest to the 1500 metre start

Javelin Zone 1 Nearest to the 100 metre start line

Javelin Zone 2 Nearest to the 1500 metre start line

Inside Cage Awaiting installation

Outside Cage Awaiting  installation

Shot Put Circle - Near the 200 metre start


NOTES  (Please read all the notes as it is essential to keep everyone safe and to ensure the facility remains open)

  1. Group sizes are restricted to 30 people maximum including coaches.  All attendees will have their temperatures checked on entry to the stadium.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed to stay.

  2. If parents enter the stadium they must maintain 2 metre separation from each other, and from the training group at all times, it is therefore preferable if parents remain at Newport International Sport Village (NISV) but do not enter the stadium (arrangements for primary school children may differ).

  3.  Attendees will be asked to confirm they are symptom free.

  4. Any athlete under 18 will only be granted access if their parent remains on site (in the NISV) throughout the session.

  5. Parents phone numbers are required.

  6. Priority will be given to members who were up to date with payments on 31st March 2020.  Any athlete in arears on that date will need to clear their debt before being admitted.

  7. Sessions will be allocated to zones. Movement between zones can only take place with the express permission of the Covid-19 Officers (Peter Hitchings and Hilary Goodger).   Allocation of 2 or more adjacent zones may be granted subject to demand.

  8. Lanes 3, 5, 8 only to be used for sprints. Return to start on grassed area or inside of bend. All training to be carried out in an anti-clockwise direction.

  9. Lane 1 is for Endurance running.  Sessions involving sprints or efforts of greater than 100 metres to take place in lane one. Athletes to be separated by distance (e.g. 50 metre separation) or by time (e.g. 20 second time spacing).  If 2 adjacent track zones are allocated sprints of up to 200 metres can take place in lanes 3/5/8

  10. Face masks are required if distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained.

  11. Coach/Athlete ratios cannot exceed 1 coach/volunteer to 8 Primary school children or 1 coach/volunteer to 12 Secondary school children and adults.

  12. Volunteers must be over the age of 16 years of age

  13. Hammer and Discus cannot take place until the new cages are erected and initially both Hammer and Discus will take place at the outside cage.

  14. Entry via the main (central doors) and follow the one-way system.

  15. Exit via the Newport Harriers doors.  This door will be opened at 7:25pm and closed at 7:35pm and re-opened at 8:25pm and closed at 8:35pm please leave promptly once your session is completed.

  16. All warm up drills to be undertaken in the car park.

  17. Throwing equipment will be sanitised and loaned to athletes (with a refundable deposit), other equipment such as blocks/medicine balls/ weights/sleds etc. will remain quarantined until further notice.  Personal equipment can be used but must not be loaned to another athlete during the training session.

  18. Common use equipment (e.g. high jump uprights, lathes, hurdles, cones, jump boxes etc. may be used). Coaches only to handle this equipment and nitrile gloves to be worn when handling equipment. A bin will be provided near the exit for disposal of PPE.

  19. Drinks bottles to be taken away from site by the user. Any personalised drinks bottle or item of kit left at the end of the booked session will be disposed of after 24 hours.

Hilary Goodger 

Hon Secretary